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Yeah, Spike Spinach here. I'm back and I guess I'm stickin' around for a while. That frog lady's been kinda low since Mr. Frog Farmer got harvested and she don't do much with her little bump on a frog log. Sheez, she missed th' whole spinach season and a lot of good material as far as I's concerned. But I can kinda understand. I liked that guy too - man, he could really hoe a row. Shined us up mighty fine when he was done. And remember when I was educatin' you good folks 'bout how spinach gets planted practickly in th' middle of winter while all them little hothouse seedlings is cuddlin' up to their energy-hog "germination mats?" Awww, ain't they cute? Well, somebuddy has to plant us spinaches out ther in the wind and snow and it was always Mr. Farmer frog. Th' weather just didn't faze him. Come to think of it, there must have been a little spinach in him. So I thinks to hitch a ride over to the memorial a whiles back