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the F word

yeah, as in Frost - oooo scary! Spike Spinach still here, but sometimes I wonder how long I can stick around this place after what I saw last week. Okay, so they gets this Frost warning and they starts runnin' around like th' sky was fallin'. They start pullin' out all this crazy cover stuff and it looks like they was trying to wrap up the whole blinkin' farm! Well, almost the whole farm - they did not, I am proud to say, need to put even a shred of pro-tective type cover stuff on my crew in the spinach patch. Here's the proof - and they's comin' along nicely - rain, shine or F! What the frog farmers seemed most worried about was, you guessed it, the pampered darlin's of this here spread - the lettuce patch. Now we been here before when I had to witness the embarrassin' lengths they go to in the spring to keep ther preshus poppets all warm and cozy.(May 15, 2008 Frog Log if ya want a little helpful educashun) But man, like them plants is all gr