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May 7

I just finished a book titled "A Drunkard's Walk, How Randomness Rules Our Lives", by Leonard Mlodinow. Well, actually I sort of weaved my way through it rather than reading from start to finish - but the gist of it, I think, is that as we look back on the events that brought us to where we are at a certain point in time, it's like watching a drunkard walk - unpredictable, without apparent direction, and with a random ricochet from one unexpected interaction to another. Mr. Mlodinow's presentation is sort of convincing, and as I look back on the 39 years of "randomness" at Frog Holler Farm that have preceded this day, I do see many unexpected events. Of course! How boring if we could predict life! But I also see something that Mr. Mlodinow may not have accounted for in his theory. Woven through the myriad and seemingly disparate choices, incidents and experiments of these decades on the farm, there has been a vision - an unwavering underlying thread of