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Vegan Thanksgiving?!?!

Living in the Ann Arbor area, where non-tradition is more the tradition, we were invited to a vegan thanksgiving. As organic vegetable growers, we support the inordinate consumption of veggies, so were happy to accept the invite and contribute our share to the vegetative bounty. The day before the event we scoured the garden for the final harvest of remaining crops. The generous yield was surprising : 4 crates of cabbage, 2 crates of napa, broccoli, turnips, brussels sprouts, rutabagas, lettuce, parsley, arugula, cilantro - and on and on. We're finished with market, so this is all for us to store, freeze, and eat throughout the winter months. And also to share! I can't describe the kitchen counters filled with vegan dishes that everyone contributed to the feast; it was a veritable cornucopia. But I can recount what veggies the Frog Holler gardens supplied and what we did with them: We made a fresh batch of our salad mix - thanks lettuce, arugula, swiss chard, chives, sorrel, p