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Hidden picture

You know those kid's pictures where there are a bunch of items hidden in a bigger picture? The instructions are something along the lines of: "Find fifteen monkeys in this picture of Johnny at the beach". Or something like that. When I took a look at an enlarged version of the photo above, I thought, wow, there's a lot of Frog Holler history hidden in that photo. Can you find it? I'll help you! First off, did you know that by clicking on the photo, you too can make it bigger?! I just found that out a little while ago and it's very satisfying! So...where are we? We're up at the top of one of Frog Holler's higher hills, planting a potato patch where no patch has gone before. Last Fall Farmer Ken was on a mission. Determined to find new ground for an expanded garden, he surprised everyone by selecting this spot 'overlooking' the front garden (by about 500 feet!). This area had actually been planted to dwarf apple trees thirty years ago, but that&