Hidden picture

You know those kid's pictures where there are a bunch of items hidden in a bigger picture? The instructions are something along the lines of: "Find fifteen monkeys in this picture of Johnny at the beach". Or something like that.

When I took a look at an enlarged version of the photo above, I thought, wow, there's a lot of Frog Holler history hidden in that photo. Can you find it? I'll help you!

First off, did you know that by clicking on the photo, you too can make it bigger?! I just found that out a little while ago and it's very satisfying!

So...where are we? We're up at the top of one of Frog Holler's higher hills, planting a potato patch where no patch has gone before. Last Fall Farmer Ken was on a mission. Determined to find new ground for an expanded garden, he surprised everyone by selecting this spot 'overlooking' the front garden (by about 500 feet!). This area had actually been planted to dwarf apple trees thirty years ago, but that's another story. To garden at Frog Holler is to grow on the slant, so finding this spot of fairly level ground had its appeal, despite being a bit removed from the lower gardens.

It was late in the fall, and with a sense of No Time To Waste, Farmer K. roared up the hill and tore into the root-filled stony ground. He worked by day; he worked by night - don't ask me how he saw with no lights on the tractor. At one point the tractor started smoking and he tore back down the hill to get water for the radiator and then back up when the smoke subsided. On a mission he was and the result was a really big new patch of ground, kinda rough but definitely opened up. Oh, and one tractor in the repair shop (see photo in previous post).

So this spring Son B. headed up the hill to see what he could see. The patch needed a little more work; after all, it was dark when some of it had been plowed! But soon we all headed up the hill with 200 lbs. of potatoes to plant. It was still a bit rough, still rocky, and that's why you see Edwin, Elisabeth and Jana raking away. But the potatoes went in and as we stood up and turned around, the view looking down over the entire front garden was pretty darn sweet.

So thanks Farmer K. for your vision and mission. And the tractor needed fixing anyway.

More Hidden Picture History to come....


  1. Let's sing that out again, "Thanks Farmer K. for your vision and mission!"
    I went to Markt today to pick up a few plants that I can plant tomorrow and know that cooler weather will not harm them.
    I will miss Ken for perfectly selfish reasons. When I've felt confused and spoke to Ken I always went away calm and confident.
    What a privilege to know someone who would always care.
    So, thanks Farmer K. ....for everything.


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