Happy Hallowbirthdayween

I have a friend whose birthday is on Halloween. I'm not sure if it's a bonus or a deficit to share your birthday with an established holiday. There might be some extra expectations that just can't be met. F'rinstance, Ken has no choice but to share his birthday with St. Patrick's Day and a less Irish persona you never could meet. Nonetheless, much to his disinterest if not distaste, leprechauns and four-leaf-clovers keep showing up in his birthday cards; green beer jokes keep rearing their ugly heads.

But for Tom, the Halloween birthday kind of works. He's a jack o'lantern smiley kind of guy who doesn't seem to mind sharing his limelight with one of America's more whimsical holidays. All the extra candy around doesn't hurt for a little extra birthday bonus.

So what's Tom doing in the Frog Log? Well, after retiring from an intense career in commercial construction, Tom decided to slow down and dedicate a good portion of many days to the activities of Frog Holler Farm. From good ol' fashioned grunt work to sharing construction skills, Tom has woven himself into the fabric of the farm.

But Tom is also my reader, possibly my only reader. And writers need readers. Sure, not all words must be read. Journals, memos, and instructions for how to operate your cell phone -- they don't need to be read! I once saw a link titled, "How to make sure your mom isn't the only one reading your blog". Well, I know my mom doesn't read my blog! But Tom does, and he reads thoughtfully and critically, but not harshly. And he notices (and tells me) when I'm not writing. And all that helps me to write, which is what I want to do.

Perhaps Tom is a reader because he is also a writer. He writes witty, descriptive, and touching snapshots into the universality of everyday occurrences in everyday life. (See Frog Log, December 20, 2006). And I like to read what he writes. So come on, Tom, where's the stuff?

Because I know Tom is reading this. So here's something else for him to read: Happy Birthday Tom! Hope you had a great day with many more treats to come, and no tricks! (Except this Frog Log :-)


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