Okay finally

Yeah, Spike here. I'm back. Me n' frog lady been arguin' 'bout who's writin' this here blah blah blahg. She's all hepped up 'bout some festival here and some award there, and like I say hey - ain't there some farmin' to do around here?? Sometimes she seems mighty dee-stracted.

An' I checked out that little festival of hers. Wasn't nobody around at the gardens so thought I'd better see what was up. Hitched a ride with this guy walkin' down the road.

He was headed over to the food line so I jumped off before I found myself in a servin' bowl!They was dishin' it up as fast as they could - and lots of it! Downright dangerous - I didn't stick around.

I tried to scope out the rest of the scene but man, it just wasn't safe around there! There was this green giant sort of stompin' around. I had to jump outta the way a couple times. I didn't get it myself but people seemed to like her - or it.

So to save myself I headed over to the music place. I ain't such a bad singer myself - some of my crew have said I sound just like Frank Spinachtra. I was willin' to lend a little harmonatin' to th' band but man, I couldn't even get close to the stage! Kids all over th' place - stompin', jumpin', I guess you'd call it dancin'. I ain't about to sacrifice myself for art or nuthin'!

So as far as I'm concerned that was a bust an' I don't see what frog lady was so tired out from. But I don't say nuthin'. I got a job to do and since frog lady ain't gonna do it, I'll give my garden report which is the ReAL news and that is that my crew is coming back! They're pretty young right now and can't say much but someone around here figgered out that spinach don't mind growin' in the fall - like duh! If ya' can plant us in the spring when it's snowin' out seems like ya' could figger out that we're pretty 'hardy' (to use a 'fishul gardening word.) I just say hey dish it out - spinach can take it! Except fer maybe music festivals - I don't think I can take too much of them!

Okay - gotta go check on my crew.


  1. Yeah, that was a *great* music fest-stravaganza and the food was amazing! Glad to see you on your blog. And looking forward to seeing Spike at the market soon. :)


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