Fall at Frog Holler

Confetti leaves!

Planting garlic.

Spreading manure, hardhat in place.

Kale palm trees.

Spinach off to market. Hey, that's my crew lookin' mighty fine! Okay, Spike, not now, I need to get this posted..

Post "Hollerween" revelers.

Drying calendulas, raspberry leaves, rose hips.

Painting the house... green! An' I do approve of that color! Spike!! Can it! Oops, sorry, I mean please be quiet, this is my post!

The new kitty.. awwww. (An' just exackly what does this have to do with gardening I might ask...) Okay, Spike, I give up, you can have the next post!


  1. Caption for new kitty photo.
    "Why Jupiter,what big teeth you have!"

    Thanks for bringing us another year of nourishment.
    I hope that winter brings you good health, healing and hope.

  2. Thanks so much! And Jupiter is scared of the kitty - she's fearless!


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