Okay, the garden really looks different now. Most of the remaining crops huddle under white polyester-filament row covers, hoping to survive the present cold snap. Amid the long white humps of covered rows, only the kale and collards stand tall, flexing their vegetal muscles as they tell Jack Frost to bring it on!

If the lettuce makes it through the next few days, we will have salad mix fior another week or two. We'll also have greens, onions, beets, and some of the best-flavored winter squash we have grown in years. Hopefully customers won't give up on the Farmer's Market just yet. We growers have our tricks to extend the season. There will be plenty of good pickin's at the market, even long after the first frost.

And if you arrived at this Frog Log to learn more about the Oct. 28. party...hope you can make it! With the Tigers winning their third game against Oakland tonight, it's starting to look very likely that they will be in the World Series! And if that is the case, they may very likely be playing on October 28. So we'll include a big television screen in the party!

If you have any questions about the party, feel free to leave them at the end of the blog. I do plan to award fabulous prizes for the best costumes, so start planning! And the music will be stellar, with Billy King and his band the Idylls, rocking the barn to set all the monsters in motion.

Frog Holler has always been so much more than a "working farm" to us. When our community of friends and customers joins us on this beautiful piece of land, sharing music, good food and fellowship, we feel blessed to be part of an agriculture. Hope to see you!


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