This Saturday may be our last market for the year. We don't quite know how the lettuce will "pick out" but if this Saturday isn't the last, then next Saturday will be. That means that we have trucked on down to the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market for six and a half months this year; that Ken King and designated family members have rousted out of bed at 4:00 AM for almost 30 Saturdays and 25 or so Wednesdays; that friends and family have pitched for just as many Tuesdays and Fridays helping to harvest and make salad mix for next day's market; that countless seeds have sprouted, grown to fullness and offered up their ripe richness to harvesting hands; that brightly-colored rows of vegetation have decorated the garden in a changing patchwork throughout the season; that bowed backs have moved slowly through the rows, keen eyes and nimble fingers creating order in cultivation or harvest; that hundreds of boxes have been filled, trucked to market, emptied and dispersed, and trucked back to farm ready to be filled again; that countless wheelbarrow fulls of compost have been trundled off to steaming piles, to cook and season, creating the miracle of rich earth from vegetable waste -- true alchemy; that the sun has offered its growth-giving radiance over and over; and that rains have nourished thirsty roots; that farmers have rejoiced; that farmers have cursed; that we have listened to birds, seen rainbows, watched butterflies; and that some days we have started early, ended late, and never looked up. It's all in a season's work, and a very good season it has been. Thanks everyone!

And although frogs dig down in the mud for the winter, I plan to continue the frog log with hopefully more insights into organic farming and vignettes from the Holler. Stay tuned!


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