Humble beginnings

We mixed our first batch of soil this week. There it sits in the wheelbarrow in the greenhouse. Nothing too special -- peat and vermiculite for the most part. But we'll start our first batch of seedlings in that soil. Once they have two or so "true leaves", the tiny plants will be transplanted to their little compartments -- three or four to a "cell". They will continue to grow in their new quarters until the stems are stocky and the roots established. When the weather welcomes, we will transplant the young sprouts to the field. There, good Lord willin', they will thrive in the springtime sun, rains and gentle breezes. When they have come into their varieties of vegetal fullness - mostly green and leafy - we will harvest them, wash, pack and transport to market. They will shine on the market table, waiting for you to put them in your basket. They'll ride home with you, to be washed, prepared and set on your table. From there to your plate, and then your belly and then a smile on your face.

And it all started in the wheelbarrow. Spring beckons!


  1. Hi Cathy

    I really enjoy reading your blog. ;)

    I've tagged you for a meme. If you want to participate, see:


  2. and I hope that I am able to teach my children that this is how food gets to the table and not the store fairy at Kroger (note I don't shop at Kroger but you get the idea)


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