Tower of Power

One son was taking the seeds up to the greenhouse -- all the seeds. And in one trip. It wasn't working so well and as he stopped in the kitchen to regroup, I realized that he was trying to carry our entire season's worth of seeds. So I took a picture and there it is. Those few boxes, with a little added sun and rain, will expand into a colorful cornucopia of vegetable nourishment.

You can see that we get a lot of seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds out of Maine. I believe that Frog Holler and Johnny's both began in the same year. Johnny's has definitely thrived and a year or so ago when the founder, Rob Johnston retired, Johnny's became a company that was owned by its employees. No sell-out to Burpee or Monsanto here.

Underneath the Johnny's boxes is a box of yummy "baked stuffed potatoes". Good old Fedco seed company. These guys are righteous to the core -- but does a seed company that deals in the thousands of orders, really go out and trash pick used boxes for shipping their orders? If so, wow! Fedco is a coop with an inbred organic proclivity and moral integrity. You can trust these guys. Fun to thumb through their catalog and just read the descriptions.

Small boxes on top are from the earlier mentioned Italian Seed company (Froglog 2/10) and a little bit from Stokes, that actually offers some organic seed now.

The seeds did make it up to the greenhouse and many are now nestled in their warm and cozy cradles of soil. Stay tuned!


  1. Since the seeds have come in perhaps spring will eventually arrive. Last year in my small garden I grew some heirloom scallop summer squash from seeds I got at the co-op. Supposedly they are non-hybrid and genetically diverse. Two of the fruit never got eaten but have slowly dried out on our countertop over the winter. I pulled one of them apart to get about a dozen good looking seeds. I am wondering what will happen if I plant them. There were other modern type summer squash in the garden so perhaps the harvest if any will include some strange mixes.


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