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Yah, spinach here. That frog lady is away so I thought I would take my chance. She's probably off mooning over her precious lettuce -- ooh, look at the seeds! Ooh, look at the leaves! Ooh, see how they grow!

Gimme a break!I guess I'd grow too if someone warmed my tush on a lah-de-dah germinating mat! Or transplanted me into "hand-mixed, composted growing medium"! Or personally carried me to the garden and literally tucked me in. And then covered me so I didn't catch a nasty-wasty cold. Sheez -- what a bunch of wimps!

You don't see all that fussin' over at the spinach patch. Nah, they just scratch out a row, throw some seeds in, and run back inside cuz it's cold. Seems like it's usually just before the last snow. That's right I said, snow. But we don't mind -- spinach can take it.

We been up for a long time. No cheerin', no parades. Just spinach doin' it's spring thing. A little rain, a little hail, a little snow -- bring it on! And now I hear the lettuce row is "filling out". Aw, isn't that sweet, those little hothouse pansies are filling out. You wanna see a row filled out? Look at that picture -- now that's how you fill out a row! And no one helped us do that neither. They coulda maybe weeded us a little sooner. But I understand, they were too busy fussin' with their precious lettuce.

So now they got a problem. We're bustin' outta this row. While they were sprinklin' fairy dust or whatever on their little lettuce pets, we just kept growin'. And now we're runnin' outta room and it's gettin' a little close for comfort. I mean I like my pals and everything, but I don't wanna sit on their laps all day!

Yeah, we're grown up now and need a change. Myself, I think I'll be headin' for the big city. I can't get a ticket this week -- I hear the truck is too full of plants, yeah, mostly- guess what - lettuce. They're probably knittin' scarves for each one, or somethin'.

But I'll be on my way next week. I can feel it in my leaves that it's time. So if you see me at the market, check it out! I'll be flexin' my iron and beta carotene and lookin' mighty fine!

yours truly,


  1. Who knew you were so funny? Great post. :)
    (I do love spinach the best of all the greens though).



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