Yeah, spinach here again.

Made it to the big city last Saturday, but it wasn't all it's cracked up to be. Like I put on my best darkest green coat and I knew I was lookin' mighty crisp. I don't want to brag or nothin' but folks do say I'm, um, tender, if ya know what I mean. But those city folks weren't gettin' it. They seemed so distracted - like nobody can focus on a little honest-to-goodness bag of greens. They were runnin' around with arm fulls of flowers - yeah, try eating a bloomin' daisy for lunch! Over at our stall it was plants plants plants. Nobody hardly looked at us. Course we was piled up in a box and stuck over in the corner while all the little plants with their cutesy-wutesy signs were spread out all over three stalls with five workers sayin' May I help you? all day. And I swear I saw those lettuce plants stuck out their tongues at me as they went by in somebody's flat - spoiled brats.

Personally, I don't think those farmers know much about marketing. Yeah, we had a sign, but it was a last minute hack job as far as I'm concerned and I checked out the web site -- there was nuthin' about us comin' to town!

So me and a bunch of my buddies hopped back on the truck and beat it back to the farm. I think I'll stick around for a while. That frog lady is so busy, she can use some help with this here frog blog log, or whatever she calls it. Between you and me, I think it's more of a frog blog backlog!

So everybody's all worried about the frost last night. They pulled out all the plastic and cover stuff and just about wrapped up the farm. Then they set up sprinklers on their precious strawberries to go all night. Over at the spinach? Yeah, that's right -- nothin' to do over there! The colder it gets, the crisper and, um, more tender we get!

So I think that calls for a big spinach photo! Three cheers for spinach -- the greenest, crispest, hardiest, and, um, tenderest, veggie around!(Get it, frog lady, that's how you do marketing!)


  1. Cathy, you're hilarious. Yet I was so sad when I read this because I didn't realize you all had spinach last weekend and I could have bought some. I'll know to look harder next time.


  2. had the yummiest, spinach-iest cheese omelette this morning with said greens, I can't believe how good it was!!! definitely worth recreating...maybe next week. :)


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