Hoophouse Memorial

In May 2008, Kim Bayer visited the farm for the first time. Kim is a food blogger extraordinaire and I suggest you follow this link to her blog right now and settle in for some tasty reading. http://thefarmersmarketer.com/

Okay, you back? Well, Kim's blog about the visit unfortunately got eaten by her server. But she still had copies of the photos, so I appreciate her sending the only existing photo of our dear departed hoophouse. (See Frog Log 1/12/09) The tomatoes were just babies in May; they eventually grew to fill the entire structure in a jumbly jungle of vines and fruit.

Kim called it the Daniel Boone Hoophouse - a fitting acknowledgment of its woodsy, primitive frontier quality. Sadly, like the frontier, it is gone for good in this incarnation. We'll salvage what we can and make something out of the pieces. And I'll let you know when we do!


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