Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taking a winter break

Blogs seem pretty empty these days without photos or graphics; your average two-year-old is posting photo albums to Flickr and videos to Facebook. Although I lag behind the techno learning curve, I did head outside with our digital camera to take a photo for this blog.

Well, the good old-fashioned batteries had run down, so that photo will have to wait. But I could say I had taken a photo and posted it because I was back behind the barn and everything was white. It was snowing - again.

So, as we head into the mid-January deep freeze, how 'bout a photo from last summer at Holler Fest to remind us of sunny days, warm summer evenings, shorts and t-shirts, and the carefree lightness of picnicking in the grass while the music plays.

To see more photos and video from Holler Fest 2008 (yeah, I found a two-year-old to download them), go to and enjoy a little vacation! Holler Fest 2009 is set for August 21-23.


Blogger patsy said...

I'm sorry that we couldn't make it to Holler Fest planning today. You know we intend to help.

I am putting your blog on my "to watch" list. My nephew started a blog for the new year in which he plans on putting up pics of his new son and tell tales. I have been doing an extended family blog now for a few years and just yesterday, due to the undesignated time I had because of the snow storm, I lfigured out how to post a video I took on my digetal camera! Ha!
You can see it at:

Anyhow, the expectation of good things to come is important and I look forward to spring....breaking new ground for new seeds to plant and warm earth to lie upon and watch the clouds go by.

January 11, 2009 at 8:31 PM  

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