A full day getting ready for market. New items we will have are broccoli, radishes and green onions. Lots of spinach, lettuce and salad mix of course! We're also taking some fresh basil and cucumbers from our greenhouse. Nice to have summery veggies so early.

We ate the first zucchini dish today! I realize that's a milestone now but it may turn into a millstone later in the summer. Zucchini does have a bad rep for its prodigious productivity. But although people make jokes about leaving zucchini in the backseat of unlocked cars, we rarely have too much of this generous vegetable. We always pick the fruit when they are young and tender, and we eat a LOT of zucchini! Our favorite variety, Greyzini, is so tender and sweet; it doesn't seem like the same vegetable that has worn out its welcome with so many gardeners.


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