I just posted the announcement for our farm party on July 2. It's a chance to share the farm and this beautiful setting with the friends we have made at the farmer's market, and through our yoga and music involvement. When you come out, you will see that the farm is much more than rows of produce. The farm is more a native habitat, with garden patches fitted into a few nooks and hillsides. Deer are abundant, and that's why all the gardens must be encircled with seven-foot-high strands of electric fence. It's the only way to coexist with these voracious, increasingly abundant, and elegantly beautiful garden pests!

Wild places are more the rule at Frog Holler; we bought the property from the Gesell family who were ardent conservationists and asked that we maintain a standard of respect for the land and its inhabitants. Dr. and Mrs. Gesell's daughter, Christine Stevens, started the Animal Welfare Institute. Based in Washington D.C., this organization has been vitally instrumental in passing landmark legislation to protect wildlife and endangered species, and to maintain humane conditions for animals in labs or on farms. Here is their web site: http://www.awionline.org/ The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is an organization worthy of support and respect and has done so much to relieve suffering in the animal kingdom.

And we are honored to have a connection with the Gesells and Christine Stevens through our stewardship of the land. We do our best to maintain Frog Holler in alignment with their original intent. We hope you come out and visit!


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