Okay, this is my last strawberry rant. If you just found our site and are reading this in August - sorry - you missed one of our best berry years ever. I just tasted a berry that was sun-kissed sweet with melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. I confess to have eaten probably hundreds of berries this season, but I'm still not jaded because their flavor has been exceptional. If you're reading this in real-time, I encourage you to gorge yourself for another week! Have strawberry shortcake for breakfast! With homemade biscuits, and fresh whipping cream, you have several major food groups covered and will be doing just fine. And then, after the season's end next week, vow never to eat a strawberry until next June, when you can get fresh, organic, local strawberries that taste like they're s'posed to taste! Okay, if it's December and you want a little color on a fruit plate and don't mind that the taste is faintly reminiscent of a strawberry with slightly bitter undertones and the texture of a cucumber, sure, go ahead and buy some berries that were picked green and traveled 2000 miles to get here! Just know that the real thing lies dormant under a sweet bed of Michigan straw with a little snow blanket to keep it settled, waiting for those first Spring rays of sunlight so that it can wake up and start following its true nature into becoming the plump red shining jewels of sweetness that we have had the good fortune to provide this Spring and will do out best to bring you next year. Believe me, it's worth the wait.


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